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Saturday 2 November
Central London

Innovations In Organising Conference 2019.

Bringing together academics and trade union/community activists and organisers, Innovations in Organising 2019 is a key opportunity to discuss new ideas and tactics, emerging theories and their practical application in our struggles for equality, democracy and sustainability.


Hosted by the Ella Baker School of Organising and Critical Labour Studies, together with partners Unite Community, the format will be participant led, including short presentations, discussions and workshops.


As we enter a period of continued political instability, at a time when poverty is growing in our communities, we need to find effective ways to rebuild working class power. Innovations in Organising 2019 will shine a light on our brightest hopes. 


Ravi Subramanian, UNISON

How Birmingham's home care workers won

Petros Elia, UVW &

Max Dewhurst, IWGB

How start up unions are organising the unorganised

Kulsoom Jafri, Ella Baker School of Organising

The US teachers strikes

Jon Hegerty, National Education Union

NEU training based on work by Hahrie Han


Chris Saltmarsh, Labour for a Green New Deal

Big organising, national networks & socialist demands

Demet Dinler, University of Sussex

Organising construction in Turkeys rural villages & urban centres

Graham Jones, author of The Shock Doctrine of the Left

Viral socialism -learning from Extinction Rebellion

Natasha Adams, Training for Change

Transitions to organising - 5 key questions

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