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Join union and community activists and organisers in Nottingham, 5-7 July 2024,

for the New Organising Conference!

Application deadline: Thurs 23 May!

Convened by the Ella Baker School of Organising and the Labour Rights Project of the Network for Social Change the conference will explore the strategies and tactics we can use to enable us to build the power we need to effect the changes that justice demands


 "I hugely enjoyed the NOC conference 2023. The organisers 

 did a phenomenal job of bringing together organisers from   across our movement, who might not normally exist within 

 the same space. Most powerfully, the organisers made clear 

 in their words and practice that the conference was 'ours'. 

 Ours to build together!" 

 Blue Weiss, IWGB Charity Workers Branch 

 "Very well organised, Great opportunity for networking,

 Learning from Legends, Interesting workshops, friends for life." 


Kaenat, Labour behind the Label (NGO)

 "One of the most inspiring events I’ve been to for many years. 

 The demographic and occupational diversity was impressive

 as it truly reflected the workers who are engaged in frontline 

 workplace struggle. The sessions were all well run, thought   provoking and practical. 


 If we want workers to win, we need to learn from each other,

 and the NOC is the ideal place to do that learning. 

 I can’t recommend it too highly."


  Ravi Subramanian, Unison West Midlands Regional Secretary 


The programme is being co-created by those who will be attending. It will be designed to generate campaigning and organising outputs, including plans for action that we can take away and use.  

 Friday evening will include 

A reception/icebreaker, an evening meal and an opening plenary

 Then on Saturday 

We will have an amazing programme of speakers, panels, workshops and trainings, with up to four timeslots and up to 10 parallel sessions taking place across each timeslot. These will cover a whole range of issues, using interactive approaches which surface the knowledge that participants bring into the room.

 and Sunday 

We will be focused on action orientated learning, developing action plans that we will implement in the weeks and months beyond conference, and check in to share our learning from our doing.

UPDATE 1 NOC Programme S.png

 Check out our evolving line-up 

 (this page will be updated as

 more sessions are firmed up)

  • Migrant domestic workers – The conditions they've faced and the solidarity they have built. 

  • Reel News – running a session on video activism. 

  • Leverage campaigning, how to supplement industrial action and build power

  • We Got to Move – exploring physical activity and self-care for activist. 

  • Movement Ecology Collective  – exploring theories of change and the interactions between different elements of a movement. 

  • Union renewal strategies.

  • TransActual – How can we make our workplaces and our organisations, safe and welcoming to the trans community. 

  • Right to Remain – how do we support migrants seeking to normalise their status. 

  • Organise  – how workers are self-organising.

  • Violation Tracker  – how to research your employer's transgressions.

  • Faith Friendly Workplace  – how can we create a culture at work and in our unions where everyone can bring their whole identity with them.

 It is early days, but we are working on

 developing the following sessions

  • Liberation organising – moving beyond advocating for equal opportunities, and demanding liberation from ideologies of oppression. 

  • Preparing for a Labour government – If as seems likely we have a new government by the end of the year, what difference will it make, and are we ready to take up the opportunities provided by proposed reforms?

  • Community organising – what can we learn from tenants and other groups organising in their communities. 

  • Negotiating skills – An introduction.

  • Good governance – the role of lay reps in preventing the development of toxic cultures within our movements. 

  • 40 years after the police riot at Orgreave, why did it happen, and what impact is it still having today?

  • Defeating narratives of division in our communities.

  • Getting your workplace strike ready!

 Lots more to be announced! 

Contact us if you want to propose a session:

Application deadline: Thurs 23 May!

It will be...

 Intersectional and 

 with a strong focus on organising among marginalised communities,

 and will explore the implications of different organising practices for 

 women, people of faith, disabled people, the LGBTQ+ and racialised 

 minority communities. The venue and accommodation is accessible.

 To discuss reasonable adjustments please email us on  

 Action oriented 




 exploring what we need to do to build power in our communities and 

 workplaces, open to many, and differing, voices deliberately bringing 

 all sections of our movement together, including both smaller and 

 larger unions, as well as non-union organisations 

 interested in the insights arising from the use of different, and at times 

 competing, strategies and tactics 

 almost all sessions will include breakout elements and we will be 

 sourcing the session contents from the knowledge and experience of 

 the attendees. We are determined that sessions will be interactive and 

 will be utilising a range of techniques, including pecha kucha, world 

 cafe, workshops, round table discussions and seminars 

an opportunity to learn, share and create new knowledge


Because there is no reason why strategising to change the world of work should be anything other than exhilarating! 


New Organising Conference 2023

 more pictures coming soon! 

Practical information

 Pay what you can 

We have a range of subsidised tickets, so attendees will effectively pay what they can afford.

Tickets for the weekend, including two overnights and all meals, cost between £50 and £330, and there are additional options available.

Apply here to see all the options and make your selections


The venue is accessible, and there is accessible overnight accommodation available.

We will seek to address any requests for adjustments in pursuit of full accessibility.

Email us at the following email address to discuss any adjustments you may need, and/or you can include adjustments within your application

 Apply now 

We know the event will be oversubscribed, so we are asking people to apply, that way we can ensure that the audience is diverse in terms of backgrounds, experience and perspectives. 

Apply, and submit your ideas for content, here


We have secured excellent on-site accommodation in the student halls of residence. 

All the rooms are single rooms, but it is possible to be in twinned rooms with a shared bathroom.

Most rooms are en-suite, others share a bathroom between two single rooms (with an external front door to the twinned rooms).
When you apply, you'll be able to select your preferences, including letting us know if there is someone that you'd like to share a bathroom with.


The conference will be held at University of Nottingham at their University Park campus.

You can find details of how to get there by following this link

 More information 

If you need further information please email us on

 Our ambition 

​This is the second in a series of New Organising Conferences which we hope to establish as an annual event. You can see a short film of the first conference held in September last year

We are drawing inspiration from a diverse range of events and conferences, but recognise that this conference is already well on its way to developing its own unique identity. So join us and help create a lasting contribution to the movement for workplace (and wider social) justice


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